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Featured image Rainy Days on the Upper West Side

Rainy Days on the Upper West Side


With fall in full swing in New York City, as you might have seen lately many of us can look forward to quite a few rainy days ahead at The Sagamore. When it’s cold and wet outside and you just can’t be bothered to leave the apartment, make the most of your time inside your Sagamore home. Here are 3 ideas beyond “Netflix binge” (though hey, no judgement!) to keep you busy on those rainy NYC days.

1.) Clean or Organize

This isn’t the most fun suggestion of the bunch, but it’ll make you feel great afterwards. A few hours of forced indoor time is the perfect opportunity to clean your kitchen, sort through the linen closet, or reorganize your home library. Empty your closet, rearrange your shoes and get rid of all the clutter that’s been gathering inside your apartment. In NYC there are tons of places you can make donations to for all the stuff you don’t want. And of course, there are a million places where you can buy all new stuff.

2.) Start a Rain Project

What’s a rain project? Something you’ve always wanted to do, with no time limit, that you can work on incrementally. It can be home-related or not, anything from reading a book to coding your first website. Whenever it rains, you’re going to work on it; you might even find yourself looking forward to the forced productivity. We live in a city full of amazing places. Take this time to research and learn more about things to do when it’s nice out again. You’d be surprised how much you can learn about your neighborhood just be reading the daily newspaper!

3.) Stock Your Kitchen

Rainy days are made for the kitchen, and a full freezer of meals and to-go snacks will make the nicer days ahead that much more enjoyable. While Seamless is always an option in NYC, cooking yourself is so much more affordable! This is a great time to freeze unbaked scones, cinnamon buns and other baked goods for morning rushes and trays of mini frittatas for workday lunches. You can also chop up fresh vegetables, put meats into serving sizes and put them in your freezer so you have meals ready to go in the weeks to come.