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Featured image Five Reasons to Live at and Love The Sagamore

Five Reasons to Live at and Love The Sagamore

  1. Location: Upper West Side! Where there are so many diverse (and often better) grocery stores (Citarella for one), a higher restaurant density, and lower overall prices. It’s close to easy transportation as well! The 1 train line is only a couple blocks away and your closest bus is less than a block away).
  2. It’s Beautiful! With a diverse mix of commercial and residential properties. Broadway, Columbus, and Amsterdam are all packed with great stores and restaurants. It feels less congested than downtown or much of UES, with many scenic blocks and quaint quiet side streets. When people fall in love with Manhattan through TV and movies, this is where they’re dreaming of.
  3. The Parks! Central Park and Riverside Park are only a few minutes away on either side of us. With the hustle and bustle of the city, sometimes we forget the natural beauty that exists – the parks are great places to clear our minds and leave the city behind us. As an added bonus, the West Side Community Garden is practically in your back yard and the Sagamore Garden IS your backyard! Only a minute walk away, you get to enjoy this little patch of green whenever you’d like.
  4. Entertainment! The IMAX Theater (located inside the American Museum of Natural History) and the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, are two such examples. At Lincoln Center you can enjoy various performances in dance, music, film, opera and much more and at the Museum of Natural History well…what isn’t there?
  5. Proximity to…everything! What’s so amazing about our city, especially the Upper West Side, is that just about anything you could possibly want is at your fingertips – either a phone tap or quick train ride away – you’re set.