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Featured image Keeping Cozy at The Sagamore

Keeping Cozy at The Sagamore


Winter is right around the corner in New York City and we all know how chilly and windy our city can get. Here are some tips to let the cold weather not be as much as a factor in the chilly days to come.

 Harness the Sun

During the day, open the blinds and curtains on the south-facing windows—and let the Sun warm up you and your apartment! At night, close the blinds and curtains to better insulate your apartment.

 Stay Active

Get your body moving. Keep active by cleaning out closets, and organizing. Or invite people over – as a host you’ll be constantly moving, plus with the additional people in your apartment, there will be more body heat. There’s also our on-site gym which is perfect for a quick or more strenuous workout no matter what the weather.

 Humidify Your Home

Not only does a humidifier keep your apartment warmer but also it eliminates drying indoor air, making for healthier hair and skin. If you don’t have a humidifier, here’s another idea: When you take a bath, leave the water in the tub after you get out. If you let it sit until it reaches room temperature, it will add a little warmth to the house and help humidify it!

 Cover Bare Floors

A good tip for apartment living no matter what the temperatures, adding area rugs actually creates another layer of insulation to keep apartments quitter and warmer. The extra texture and color also adds visual warmth to rooms!