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Featured image Organic Living on the UWS

Organic Living on the UWS


There are many reasons to shop organically and lucky for you, there’s no shortage of places to do so on the Upper West Side of Manhattan around The Sagamore.

 If you’re looking to make your own organic meal, two stores that come highly recommended in our neighborhood are Westerly Natural Market and The Health Nuts; two health food stores with the mission to sell only natural and organic food at affordable prices. Westerly Natural Market is located at 911 8th Ave and The Health Nuts at 2611 Broadway.

 If you want your organic meals cooked for you, we know a couple of other great places you should try; Spring Natural Kitchen and Mana.

 Spring Natural Kitchen’s goal is to “serve good, wholesome, unprocessed cooking from scratch, everything homemade from all-natural ingredients.” Located on 474 Columbus Ave, a mere 10 minute walk from The Sagamore, this is a fantastic place to try out as their “meat, poultry, and eggs are from free roaming and/or pastured animals and are naturally farmed without the use of hormones, antibiotics or nitrates.”

 And as for Mana, it’s “a calm oasis for organic, macrobiotic, vegetarian and vegan cuisine.” Their menu emphasizes vegetable-based dishes, including market greens, pastas, whole grains, house-made dumplings, and farm fresh salads. Some popular dishes include, pumpkin ravioli, salmon corn chowder, okonomiyaki, and tempeh temptation, available at both lunch and dinner. They also have a great selection of fine organic wines and fair trade, organic teas. Located only a 3 minute walk away, on 646 Amsterdam Avenue, you know you’ve got to try them out!