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Featured image Where to Find the Best Valentine’s Day Treats Near The Sagamore

Where to Find the Best Valentine’s Day Treats Near The Sagamore


If you are looking for some last minute Valentine’s Day ideas, everyone knows you can never go wrong with chocolate! Candy and treats are a fun part of the holiday and there are plenty of places all around the Upper West Side to choose from.

Chocolate Works NYC (Amsterdam and 91st St.): Chocolate Works NYC’s Upper West Side location is conveniently a short walk away from The Sagamore (only two blocks!). If you are looking for chocolate to give this Valentine’s Day, they have endless options. Their Valentine’s Day specials include chocolate bears, heart shaped boxes made of chocolate, even chocolate roses! They also have traditional chocolate treats such as nuts and fruit covered in different varieties of chocolate, truffles, and mixed assortments.

Voilà Chocolat: If you make a quick trip downtown a little, Voilà Chocolat is not too far away located on 79th Street! Their Love Choclate Puzzle is a Valentine’s Day favorite and they have a large list of other great sweet treats to choose from as well. They also offer chocolate making classes and activities, which also make a great gift for any chocolate lover!

Looking for something special that isn’t chocolate? Here are a few local places close by to The Sagamore for more Valentine’s Day treat options!

Macaron Parlour: Macarons are the perfect NYC delectable treat you can give for Valentine’s Day. They come in several different flavors and our residents at The Sagamore are lucky enough to have a Macaron shop just a few blocks away! Macaron Parlor offers over 20 different flavors and you can purchase them in bunches of 6, or if you are looking to do something really extravagant purchase a macaroon tower (that means 50-100 macaroons!). Their website lists all the flavors, delivery information and how to order!

Tiny Treats Cafe: Tiny Treats Cafe  is just a block uptown from The Sagamore! The perfect place to eat a delicious dessert for someone special to indulge on, they make almost any specialty bakery item you can think of! Some great options for Valentine’s Day include black and white cookies, several varieties of chocolate cake, beautifully handcrafted cupcakes and red velvet treats. Their full bakery menu is listed on their website.