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Featured image Farmers Markets Around the Upper West Side

Farmers Markets Around the Upper West Side


Now that the weather is warm farmers markets are starting to open around the Upper West Side. Many of these markets are opened close by to The Sagamore, where our residents can go out on a spring sunny day and shop around for what these local markets have to offer.

Tucker Square Market: Just a quick subway ride downtown, this year round market will start to liven up as manhattan residents come out in the spring months in search of market goods. Located at west 66th Street and Columbus Avenue, this market will be open on Thursdays and Saturdays. Some of the fresh items you can find are seasonal vegetables like corn, eggplant and squash all locally grown. Fresh fruit like berries and over 80 different types of apples. This market also has cheese, flowers, fresh seafood and much more. Visit their website for all of their offerings.

Morningside Heights Farmers Market: Make your way uptown to 110th Street and visit Morningside Heights Market opening April 23rd. Fresh seafood, meat, dairy, honey and more. Current in season favorites include squid, flounder and bass for seafood. For more in season goods and a list of participating vendors, visit their website.
West 79th Street Farmers Market: Just 10 blocks downtown from The Sagamore this market is now open! Every Sunday you can stop by and grab some fresh cider donuts, fruits, vegetables and baked goods.The 79th Street market will soon be relocating on May 1st to 77th temporarily. Make sure to check the website for updates and anymore information!