Earth Day Celebrations Around New York City

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than being outside and enjoying the fresh air? The Sagamore residents can appreciate Mother Earth while having some fun by participating in different events all around NYC and participate in Bozzuto’s #BeTheGreen challenge.

Union Square will host an Earth Day celebration on April 17th. Booths with different environmental campaigns will be set up all along the surrounding blocks as well as many other informative exhibitions about the environment. Live music will be played throughout the day and there will be plenty of delicious natural and organic food to snack on. There will also be sessions to learn about carefree NYC, which is the city’s initiative for greener transportation. You can see all the details about their event by visiting their website here.

An Earth Day 5k Green Tour will take place on April 22nd. This event which is taking place for its second consecutive year takes participants to several locations around NYC. Stops on the walk include the first underground park, a natural food cooking school, the first eco-friendly hotel in the city and much more. Lunch is included as part of the event where you can have the chance to dine at the Natural Gourmet institute. For more information on the price and how to sign up visit their website.

For more events going on around NYC in celebration of Earth Day and to learn more about the environment and eco-friendly products, you can take a look at the following links.

Green Festival Expo

Find Your Park Day of Service

Earth Day on the Upper West Side

Vegan Restaurants on The Upper West Side

Vegan dieting is a new trend many people have been taking up. Not only is the diet more on the healthy side, but vegan dieting also incorporates a green and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Here are a bunch of delicious vegan friendly restaurants on the Upper West Side– most conveniently close by to The Sagamore.

Peacefood: Just seven blocks away from The Sagamore, this vegan eatery is a few years old on The Upper West Side. Their menu includes an array of soups, salads, vegetable dishes and other entrees. They serve both vegan pasta and lasagna which can be hard to come by in NYC. Some of their pizza options include roasted vegetable, plain with vegan cheese and mushroom duxelle. Their menu has several hot and cold beverage options and bakery items to stop by for in the morning or finish your meal off with as a tasty dessert. You can visit their website for their full menu.

Candle Cafe West: Candle Cafe has several locations in NYC with their Upper West Side location just an avenue away from The Sagamore. They aim to bring fresh food from local farms right to your plate to benefit the health of both their customers and the planet according to their mission. Menu items from this eatery include Avocado Tomato Tartar and Vegetable Pad Thai as a starter. Main entree dishes to choose from are the portobello sandwich, spring vegetable risotto and much more. They also offer a gluten free menu, so make sure to visit their website for more details!
Blossom: Just minutes away from The Sagamore, this local spot is open for lunch, dinner and brunch on the weekends. They also deliver for a small fee all around the Upper West Side. Their menu includes delicious entrees to choose from like their mushroom scallops and black truffle pasta. They also have a pizza menu with several different options.