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Featured image Spring Wine Events Around NYC

Spring Wine Events Around NYC


Just a little ways uptown from The Sagamore at the New York Botanical Garden, there will be a Daffodil and Wine Festival taking place on April 23rd and 24th. In November 2015 over 150,00 daffodil bulbs were planted at the botanical gardens and The Sagamore residents and other New York City locals will now get the chance to see them in full bloom!

Tickets can be purchased for this event by visiting their website. Each ticket holder will get the chance to walk around and view the magical daffodils and all the other seasonal parts of nature that are now in a colorful array and bloomed. The best part about this event is that you can enjoy the nature while sipping on delightful local wine. Wine will be served throughout the event and there will also be vinters there to help out with any tasting questions you may have. There will be demonstrations and discussions as the experts present different kinds of wine for you to taste and try.
Another wine festival will be happening in just a few weeks in NYC. On May 7th The Sagamore residents can take the subway just a few stops downtown to NYY Steak for a great wine tasting event! Over 150 different kinds of wine will be featured. Hors D’ Oeuvres will be served as well and there will be live jazz music for entertainment. The event will happen in two different sessions that day. Tickets are on sale now so make sure to visit their website and pick them up.