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Featured image Upper West Side Father’s Day Gide Guide

Upper West Side Father’s Day Gide Guide


Father’s Day is just days away and it can be stressful trying to find the perfect gift that special guy in your life who you want to celebrate. Here are a few wonderful gift ideas for our residents at The Sagamore, all easily found in several local shops here on the Upper West Side!

Shaving Supplies: Whether your dad, brother or grandfather keeps a clean shaved face or just cleans things up every now and then, shaving essentials are a great gift if you are stumped on what to buy. Fancy oils, balms and a reusable razors make great practical gifts. The Art of Shaving on 76th and Broadway is just a few blocks down from the Sagamore. They offer baskets with all shaving goods, individual products and much more.

Grilling Supplies: So many small items come together to help create a great BBQ meal. If your dad enjoys grilling, picking up some new utensils, non-stick grilling pans or other items to help out the chef, is a great gift idea. Bed Bath & Beyond, Basics Plus and P.G Richard and Sons all located here on the Upper West Side have several options to satisfying your grilling gift needs!

Unique Sports Attire: Sports attire is always a go to. If you want something a little more unique than just a T-shirt of a sports team, try one of these blueprint shirts! T-shirts, canvases, frames and mugs are all available with an outline of stadiums, cities and more reflecting a fan’s favorite team. They are offered for several different sports as well. You can see the full list of their products on their website. You can also pick up sports attire from these stores around the Upper West Side.


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Coffee, Coffee, Coffee: Help feed any addiction by visiting one of these local spots and picking up a great mug or bag or coffee beans! The Sensuous Bean and Irving Farm Coffee offer quality products any coffee lover would love.