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Featured image Hosting Halloween at The Sagamore

Hosting Halloween at The Sagamore


Whether you are playing host at your Sagamore apartment or are attending a party around the Upper West Side, Halloween themed snacks are perfect for any festive party. If you are looking for some extra creative ideas aside from the traditional bobbing for apples and candy corn, there are a bunch of recipes out there! Here are some fun recipes that will make for the perfect Halloween party you are hosting or attending this year.


Candy Dipped Marshmallow Pumpkins: This recipe is fun and creative as you turn ordinary marshmallows into fun festive pumpkins! Dip the marshmallows into a mixture of melted candy and coloring to get the rich orange pumpkin flavor. Using green candy drops, place them at the tip of the holding stick to make the perfect pumpkin stem! Using a toothpick or any took with a small tip, draw different pumpkin faces using melted chocolate for these adorable tasty snacks! You can find the full recipe and step by step instructions in the above link.

Skeleton Veggie Platter: Turn an ordinary veggie platter into something creative with this skeleton Halloween themed veggie platter– perfect as an appetizer dish. Combining different vegetables, you can lay them out on a tray using cauliflower for the head, carrots and celery for libs and sliced peppers as ribs!


Main Course

Crescent Mummy Dogs: You can never go wrong with some mummy hot dogs! To make as a main course use traditional sized dogs, wrap them up in crescent rolls for the festive mummy look. Mustard and ketchup make for the perfect eyes for your mummy!

Eye Ball Cobb Salad: This main dish is all about presentation to make it Halloween themed! Use the eggs to create giant eyes that will stare out of guests from the salad bowl! If you are having multiple guests, presentation would be better with small individual salads so each guest gets a spooky bowl of their own!


Grape Lemonade Ice Pops: A healthy and fun dessert, these easy to make pops are perfect for a Halloween gathering. Mixing together juices for the grape lemonade flavor, this dessert gets spooky twist by adding melon balls with raisins as the eyes. Guests who are served this treat will think a ghost is staring right at them!

Bloody Cups: This three ingredient recipe is quick and festive to serve to top off your Halloween party. Not only are they delicious, but they are gluten free and vegan friendly for any guests who may have special dietary needs, making for an easy crowd pleaser. Add raspberry filling to melted chocolate for a different version to traditional peanut butter cups. Once cooked and cooled, add holes and scrapes to the side so the raspberry oozes out for the perfect bloody treat!