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Featured image Halloween Parties in NYC

Halloween Parties in NYC


One of the biggest Halloween celebrations in New York is taking place just minutes away from The Sagamore here in NYC. Just a quick subway ride from the Upper West Side, our Sagamore residents can enjoy the annual Halloween Parade taking place in The Village this year. The parade will be hosted for the 43rd consecutive year on Halloween and is sure to bring lots of fun.

This Halloween parade is one of a kind! Not only is it a spooky spectacular scene to watch, but local NYC residents can march in the parade as well. Over 50,000 ghouls, goblins, witches and zombies are expected to be in attendance. This year’s chosen theme for the parade is “reverie”. If you are looking to march in the parade costumes are required but you can dress in whatever you like. Spectators don’t have to adhere to the theme or holiday celebrations but it is highly encouraged! The parade will begin promptly at 7pm and those looking to participate can line up starting at 6:30pm. The parade will begin downtown on Sixth Avenue and Spring Street and will end at 16th Street. Over fifty three different bands will be in attendance as well as other musicians, artists, dancers and several other entertainers.

For more information about the parade, visit the events Facebook page!

Looking for more Halloween fun? Leading up to All Hallows Eve, there will be plenty of celebrations taking place around NYC! The Sagamore residents can make their way to any the week and weekend before, or after the parade on Halloween night. Take a look at the following article from TimeOut Magazine featuring some of the best places for Halloween fun.

The Best Halloween Parties in NYC

You can also look here for different bars that will be hosting costume parties and Halloween fun the weekend before Halloween.