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Featured image Tips for Throwing Your Sagamore Holiday Party

Tips for Throwing Your Sagamore Holiday Party


The holidays are great for getting friends and family together. If you have a group celebrating different holidays, it’s always fun to try and incorporate both in your party theme! With Christmas and Hanukkah overlapping this year, it’s the best excuse to bring out your best event planning skills if you are throwing a holiday extravaganza in your Sagamore apartment. Here are some tips for throwing a great holiday party this season!

Plan Ahead! Even if you decide to play host at the last minute, planning as far ahead as you can helps to ensure a less stressful party on your end! By creating a guest list, menu, and planning decor, taking these easy steps to figure things out ahead a time will make it much more fun to plan and carefree as you shop for party essentials. Check out the following article for more tips on planning a stress free holiday party!

Secrets To Hosting A Stress-Free A Holiday Party

Bring on the Food! Food is the biggest staple of every gathering, and it is easy to be festive while celebrating both holidays at your party! If you are serving finger foods, pigs in a blanket are great as most prepackaged ones are kosher, and they are an easy crowd pleaser! You can find a recipe to make your own as well here.

For dessert, try serving some homemade or store bought jelly doughnuts! A tradition for many Hanukkah celebrations, these powdered donuts are also festive for the Christmas season! Take a look here for a recipe if you want to put your Sagamore kitchen to use and whip up your very own!

Martha Stewart has great Easy Meal Recipes if you are looking for ideas on full courses for a more formal gathering.

Make Everyone An Honorary Bartender! A self-serve bar is an efficient way to go for any holiday party! By setting up a table with different alcoholic drinks and sodas, everyone can serve themselves leaving one less task for the party planner!

Add A Dress Code to the Invite! Add a festive flare to the attire by making a dress code! By either going with formal, or a fun theme such as holiday ugly sweaters, it will be easy for all guests to find something great to wear!