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Featured image Enjoy Homemade Hot Chocolate in Your Sagamore Apartment

Enjoy Homemade Hot Chocolate in Your Sagamore Apartment


Cozying up with a warm drink and blanket can be a picture of perfection for the cold winter months. If you enjoy settling down in your Sagamore apartment after a long day with something sweet that will keep you warm, hot chocolate is the perfect wintertime treat! Here are some savory hot chocolate recipes you can make in your Sagamore apartment for a cozy night in, or if you’re craving something sweet on a cold January day.

Slow Cooker Deluxe Hot Chocolate: For an extravagant hot chocolate mix that will make your taste buds come to life, try this recipe by Betty Crocker. It combines both milk and condensed milk, vanilla, unsweetened chocolate and chocolate chips. The toppings are what make this recipe great for after a long day or a treat to warm up with. Add whip cream, marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, peppermint candy sticks, cookie crumbles, syrup and chocolate chips for the ultimate hot chocolate mix!

Coconut Hot Chocolate: Coconut milk gives flare to this hot chocolate recipe by combining with cocoa powder, brown sugar, bittersweet chocolate and vanilla extract. You can see the full recipe and step by step instructions by checking out the link above.

Snickerdoodle Hot Chocolate: Snickerdoodle flavor isn’t just for your holiday cookies! Make a cold night in a little more warm, sweet and fun with this delicious hot chocolate recipe. Flavors include cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla for that snickerdoodle taste. Add to white chocolate and top with whip cream and cinnamon sugar for the perfect snickerdoodle hot chocolate!

Don’t feel up to making your own? Here are some of the best places around the Upper West Side where you can grab some hot chocolate on the go to bring back to your Sagamore apartment!


Levain Bakery

Jaques Torres

Cafe Lalo

Sugar and Plumm

Alice’s Tea Cup

Aroma Espresso Bar