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Featured image Throw a Super Bowl Extravaganza in Your Sagamore Apartment!

Throw a Super Bowl Extravaganza in Your Sagamore Apartment!


One of the biggest sporting events of the year is approaching. Sports fans across the country are gearing up for Super Bowl Sunday. This year the New England Patriots will take on the Atlanta Falcons in Houston to see who will claim the title of the Super Bowl 51 champions. If you are looking to watch the game with a small group of friends or throwing a big party at your Sagamore apartment, here are some tips to make sure you’re Super Bowl party is a success!

Decorations and Theme: Decorations can make the game more fun and as host it’s always great to put some thought into the party atmosphere. Choose your favorite of the two teams or choose to celebrate both by hanging colored streamers, having colored utensil and tablecloths. This year if you want root for the patriots, Silver, blue and red will make a statement and let guests know who you’re rooting for! If you decorate for the falcons, black, white, silver and red are they way to go. There are plenty of way to get creative to! Having cups with the team’s colors or names for snacks to be served in make clean up easy and make for cute decor. You can find more tips here for decorating for your Super Bowl extravaganza!

Food Options: There are plenty of different food dishes you can serve at your Super Bowl party. Chips and several dip options are always a great starter, along with other snack options like pretzels or cheese and crackers. If you want to go with hot appetizers and finger foods, you can never go wrong with serving some wings, mini hotdogs or mozzarella sticks. For a main dish that is easy to make and won’t break your bank, serve a pasta dish such as mac and cheese or ziti. Ordering pizzas or making homemade ones with different toppings is another great game day option. Take a look here for some more tips on what to serve at your Sagamore Super Bowl party!

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