Chocolate Shops in the Upper West Side

Valentine’s day is filled with spending time with loves one, delicious food, candy, flowers and plenty of other treats in celebration of the day. If treats are what catch your eye and are the perfect gift you are looking to give in celebration of Valentine’s Day, there are several places you can pick something up at around the Upper West Side. Here are some spots that are not too far from the Sagamore where you can look for those sweet treats this year!

Chocolate Works: Just steps away from The Sagamore and you will find yourself in the midst of all the chocolate and candy you could hope for. For Valentine’s Day this local shop creates a variety of specialty chocolate treats. Some of their special options include chocolate sealed lips, chocolate stemmed roses, and several chocolate hearts. Choose from hearts with personal messages of love, hearts with doves, hearts with well wishes and hearts within hearts! You can even get a chocolate box with chocolate hearts individually wrapped inside. If your Valentine has a sweet tooth they carry many other options in addition to chocolate. Check out their website or stop in on your way back to The Sagamore to see all they have to offer.

Jacques Torres Chocolate: Jaques Torres is located on 74th and Amsterdam and is filled with tons of chocolaty treats for the Upper West Side to enjoy. Almost anything you can imagine, they have and it’s covered in the finest chocolate. Some of their popular items include chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered almonds, macadamia nuts, raisins and more! They also have chocolate graham crackers, chocolate covered marshmallows and of course malt balls. They have several different options of chocolate bars and also have gift boxes prepared or ones you can create yourself! In addition to chocolate they make cookies, assorted caramels and rich hot chocolate. You can visit their website to see all of the different chocolaty options that you can pick up this Valentine’s Day!

Upper West Side Flower Shops for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the chance to tell those in your life that you love them. Whether it be a significant other, your best friend, a parent, sibling or acquaintance, flowers are the staple kind gesture of the holiday and for good reason. A lot can be said through the giving of flowers. Our Sagamore residents have plenty of flower shops to choose from when looking for that perfect bouquet this holiday. Here are some local places to pick from for Valentine’s Day.

Make your way downtown along Amsterdam Ave and you will come across Amaryllis Florist. This local shop is minutes from The Sagamore and has been located on the Upper West Side for years. They do bouquets and flowers for every occasion and have plenty to offer for Valentine’s Day. One of their best sellers is the “Be My Love” bouquet which is an arrangement of red roses, white lilies and chrysanthemums, which are presented in a red vase. Other popular flowers for Valentine’s Day include the “Dance With Me” bouquet, which includes red and pink carnations and red roses. If you are a fan of traditional red roses they have selections of both long stem and premium red roses. If you are looking for something different, they have that too! Their Zen Artisrty is another best seller. This flower combo is made of purple dendrobium orchids, green carnations, dark pink Sweet William, an emerald palm leaf and other tropical greens are arranged in a square kiwi-colored container.

Other popular individual flowers are pink and white roses, daisies, pink and red tulips, and pink lilies. Amaryllis will arrange them to meet your needs and many arrangements come in festive vases with bows. They can even arrange the flowers in a heart shape! Make sure to visit their website or stop by.

Here are some other flower shops our Sagamore residents can visit to pick up something special this Valentine’s Day!
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