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Featured image Fleet Week is Coming to NYC

Fleet Week is Coming to NYC


New York City Fleet Week started back in 1982 to celebrate the men and women apart of the U.S Navy and Coast Guard, and gives local NYC residents the chance to get a up close look at the active ships and duties of the members of the military. This year Fleek Week will be taking over NYC starting the week before Memorial Day! Head downtown on the Westside starting May 24th and take part in one of the many traditional events that will be happening all week long!

Annual Parade: The Parade of Ships kicks off the celebration of Fleet Week at the New York Harbor. 5 Navy ships, 4 Academy Patrol Boats, 2 Coast Guard ships and 1 Royal Canadian Naval ship will make their way through the harbor as spectators line the cost to watch. Make your way down from The Sagamore anytime between 9am and 11:30am.

Tours: Ship tours will take place daily from 8am until 5pm starting May 25th. Ships in Manhattan will be located at both Pier 88 and Pier 92. You can see what ships will be docked on what days by visiting their website.

Intrepid Museum: Learn more about the history of the U.S Navy and Fleet week at the Intrepid Museum! Located in the middle of the action, the museum will be open for special hours and host several events during Fleet Week. On Memorial Day, there will be a memorial commemoration ceremony taking place.

Aviation Demonstration: Fighter planes, jets and helicopters will make their way around the NYC sky as the traditional Aviation show takes place May 27th. The show kicks off at 12:30pm at Sullivan Pier.

For directions on how to get to all of the week’s events from The Sagamore and for more information, visit the official event page for Fleet Week!

Fleet Week NYC 2017

Intrepid Museum

Pier 86

W 46th St & 12th Ave

New York, NY 10036

(212) 245-0072