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Featured image Memorial Day Weekend Food You Can Make in Your Apartment

Memorial Day Weekend Food You Can Make in Your Apartment


Heading out of NYC for the long weekend, or planning a staycation at home? If you are one of many celebrating this Memorial Day Weekend , most likely you will be attending a BBQ or two over the holiday. If you’re looking for last minute recipes that you can bring with you on the train or easily enjoy in your apartment, here are some recipes for our Sagamore residents that are perfect to bring to any get together this Memorial day Weekend.


Wings: Wings are the perfect snack to bring to any BBQ. They can be served before the main meal while everyone is catching up and socializing and are easy to transport if you plan on cooking them in your Sagamore apartment and taking them with you to a BBQ. Try some Slow Cooker Sweet and Spicy Wings. They take about 2-3 hours in the slow cooker but are well worth the wait! Love the idea of wings but looking for a shorter cook time? Try some Honey BBQ Wings! With a little extra flavor than traditional BBQ wings, these take less than a hour to make!


Pasta Salad: There are hundreds of different pasta salad recipes you can make to bring to any party over the holiday weekend, While pasta salads might seem like a typical side dish, they are always different are always a hit! Stick with a simple traditional Veggie Pasta Salad that will please everyone. Add a combination of cucumbers, celery, radishes and olives for that fresh beginning of summer taste. Add vinegar and oil and some garlic powder to top it off. If you want a more involved recipe try BLT Pasta Salad. The recipe is as easy as it sounds with bacon, lettuce, tomato and of course pasta as the main ingredients. Mix italian and ranch together for the dressing.


Looking for more ideas of what you can bring along to a Memorial Day BBQ? Check out the below articles for more suggestions for our Sagamore residents!



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