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Outdoor Activities for NYC Residents


Summer has arrived in NYC, and with it come all the wonderful outdoor activities taking place all around the city. When the temperature isn’t scorching hot, take a trip to the park or any outdoor event to enjoy the summer air. You can catch a fair, show or almost anything taking place here on the Upper West Side or in several other neighborhoods. Here are a few low cost outdoor events that are taking place this month and things to do for our Sagamore residents to take part in!

Highline: While this may not be a special event there are plenty of things going on at The Highline that any NYC resident can enjoy! Located down in Chelsea it is a quick subway ride from The Sagamore and offers enough to spend the whole day there! The Highline stretches from 35th St to approximately 14th. There are several stops along the way where you can grab a bite to eat, do some shopping or admire the views of NYC.

Shakespeare In The Park: Shakespeare In The Park is back for the summer season this year. Make your way from The Sagamore over to Central Park and enjoy Julius Caesar or A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The performances are put on by The Public Theatre and take place almost daily! You can even score some free tickets by picking the show you want to attend in advance and applying for free tickets earlier in the day. You can learn more about how yo get tickets and where to catch a show on their website.

Movies In The Park: Free movies will be shown in several parks all around NYC this summer! Roger Morris Park, Columbus Park and Bryant Park are just a few of the Manhattan locations taking part in this City wide Summer event. There is no cost to attend the movie, but make sure to show up early to grab a great seat! You can see the list of all the summer showings on the website.


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