Fun Ice Pop Recipes To Cool You Down On a Hot Day

Summer is coming to a close but there are still plenty of hot days ahead where cool treats are in order. There are plenty of tasty treats you can make right in your Sagamore apartment with minimal effort! Here are some fun and unique ice pop recipes that make for a fun indoor activity when it is too hot to go outside, and the perfect cool down treat.


Frozen Yogurt Coconut Pops: These unique ice pops are delicious and healthy for you! While it may take 8 hours from when you start whipping up the recipe to enjoy the ends results, the preparation only takes 15 minutes and let your the freezer in your Sagamore apartment do the rest! Blend together peaches, strawberries and blueberries with lemon juice and sugar. Follow the recipe for preparing the yogurt and coconut extract combination and alternate pouring both into the mold for an eye popping colorful swirl that is sure to taste great and refreshing!


Watermelon Ice Pops With only 4 ingredients this recipe is easy to make and sure to cool you down on a hot August day! The recipe calls for watermelon pulp, sugar, chocolate chips and lime sherbet. Blend together and freeze until the watermelon starts to freeze. Add some chocolate chips to resemble the seeds and lime sherbet for the core and you have a summer ice pop treat that looks and tastes like a watermelon! Follow the recipe for step by step instructions on how to make.


Mojito Ice Pops: In just 15 short minutes you can have the ultimate summer cool down treat ready to stick in your fridge overnight to enjoy on an upcoming summer day. This recipe is simple taking sugar and water bringing it to a boil on the stove. Next stir in mint leaves and bring this syrup mix to a bowl to combine with lime juice. Pour the mix into your ice pop mold and add fresh lime and mint pieces for a tasty cool snack!

Waterside Dining Around the Upper West Side!

Summer is almost over but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time still to visit your favorite outdoor Upper West Side eateries before the weather turns into indoor dining weather. There are plenty of spots all around NYC and our Sagamore residents are lucky to be located right near the Hudson River with plenty of dining right on the water! Here are some local spots with an amazing view and even better view to visit before summer ends!


Pier Cafe: Located on the south end of Riverside Park, this Upper West Side Restaurant offers outdoor seating right on the Hudson Water seasonally for guests. Their menu includes a wide range of both lunch and dinner options. One of their popular options include the Grilled Swordfish Taco with avocado, pineapple chutney, red cabbage, creamy cilantro, flour tortilla. Try their watermelon which is something like you have never tasted with pickled rind, feta cheese, cucumber, poblano pepper, mint vinaigrette. With a scenic waterside view, it makes the dish that much more refreshing in the summer heat! In addition to their main food menu they have a coffee bar open during the day during the summer months! Stop by on your way back to the Sagamore on a early morning stroll. They offer several coffee and tea options as well as baked goods!


Boat Basin: When you walk through the stone entrance you immediately catch breathtaking views of the Hudson and can choose to dine in their partially indoor covered seating area or over to their outside deck directly overlooking the river. The Boat Basin has been a popular Upper West Side spot for years and just keeps getting better! With new items on their menu for this summer if you have been there before, there is no reason not to go back and try some of their new dishes! The Fried Rhode Island Calamari is lightly fried, served with Marinara and Lemons and one of the new Chef’s specialties. They have everything from wedges to burgers, seafood dishes, salads and gourmet dishes.


Pier Cafe

West 70th Street in Riverside Park South (park entrance at W 68th Street & Riverside Blvd)

NY, NY 10024

(212) 496-5542


Boat Basin

W 79th Street

NY, NY 10024

(212) 496-5542