Best Cider Recipes to Make This Fall

The sweet and savory taste of cider is a staple for celebrating the wonderful fall season. Now that the weather is getting cooler and autumn has officially begun, you can sip up your very own cider treats right in your Mariner apartment! Here are some tips for great cider recipes you can make this season.

Cider Cupcakes: Combine the best tastes of the fall season with these apple cinnamon cupcakes topped off with cider frosting! These sweet treats are easy to make with under 20 minutes of prep time and just 5 ingredients for the cider frosting! Combine meringue powder, butter, boiled cider, milk and salt to create the perfect cider flavor to top off this dessert.


Cider Ice Cream: Perfect for a warmer fall evening, you can make your very own cider ice cream to enjoy or serve to guests! Boil down a cup of apple cider to get the most out of the apple cider flavor. Once complete add milk, sugar and cinnamon to perfect the perfect cider flavor. Cool down and add the combination to an ice cream maker for your very own homemade cider treat!


Cider Doughnuts: What would fall be without apple cider doughnuts? Perfect for a weekend in as this recipe does take some time to make it the end result is worth it! This recipe from country living calls for cinnamon, apple cider, brown sugar, apple pie spice and other baking essentials. Follow the full recipe for step by step on how to make these amazing fall doughnuts!


Where to Catch The Best Fall Foliage Outside of NYC

There is nothing quite like watching the leaves turn from green to red, orange and a beautiful array of colors as the fall season starts to kick in. Westchester county and the whole Hudson Valley feature some of the best fall views on the whole country! Take a train, bus or car ride outside of NYC this month and soak in the breathtaking views of fall!


Bear Mountain Park: Easily accessible by taking the Metro North train to Peekskill and then hopping in a cab, hike up Bear Mountain (or drive!) to enjoy some of the wonderful views of fall. Visibility reaches 4 different states, and you can even see the NYC skyline from the top! While many people think of this destination as a great summer outdoor adventure, it is the perfect fall trip to experience nature, the changing of leaves and the perfect spot to set up a picnic!


New Paltz: New Paltz is a fun and quaint small town an hour and half outside of NYC. Take the metro north to Poughkeepsie or hop on a bus out of Port Authority and you will find yourself in the center of this small town. Walk around waterstreet market for some fresh cider and baked goods and enjoy the views of the mountains. If you are driving up, you can drive to the top of Mohawk Mountain for even better views of the fall scenery! For those who did not get their fill of hiking this summer, the lemon squeeze trail up the mountain brings you to the stop where you can catch the views spanning states! There is even a resort at the top if you are looking for an overnight trip.
Saratoga: Visit the town of Saratoga located in the Adirondacks for the richest colors of red, orange and yellow you will find! The town even hosts their very own Fall Foliage Festival! This town has views of three different major NY mountain ranges including the Adirondack Mountains, the Taconic Mountains and the Helderberg Mountains.