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Featured image New Upper West Side Eatery is Here

New Upper West Side Eatery is Here


Pokebab is opening its doors right here on the Upper West Side on Broadway between 70th and 71st Street. This new local eatery is just minutes away for our Sagamore residents, and the perfect spot if you are looking to dine out some place casual and new with delicious food!

They strive to provide all customers with a filling, healthy and tasty meal that will leave you wanting to come back again for more.

This is not the first opening that this popular eatery has been through. With the original location located in Brooklyn, Pokebob knows how to deliver great customer service and of course great food.

Pokebab serves poke bowls of course– made of several different ingredients to combine into a mouth watering meal. Their menu is fulfilling and includes 9 pre made bowls with the option to make your own. You can try the Spicy Salmon made of salmon, edamame, masago, radish, scallion, onion, seaweed salad, nori and sriracha aioli or try the Tataki which combines tuna, tomato, pepper, scallion, onion, mango and their pokebab sauce.

When building your  own start by choosing from white or organic brown rice., a seaweed wrap, or romaine lettuce as your base. Choose one of the several protein options which include tuna, tofu, salmon, shrimp or chicken. Next pick from their long list of topping options, add a crunch topping and your favorite sauce.

To learn more about this new local spot, visit their website for the full menu and more information.



2047 Broadway

New York, NY 10023