Upper West Side Food Truck Fest

Craving some Italian meatballs? Maybe a cheesesteak, greasy delicious slice of pizza or baked good? No matter the craving or if you have a few, you can find it all the upcoming Upper West Side Food Festival! This truck fest will be taking place just a few blocks downtown from The Sagamore on March 25th.

Join other local Upper West Siders and make your way from truck to truck enjoying food from both around the area and outside the city. The food truck fest will take place from 10 to 5:30 at Columbus and 77th. Hosted by Grand Bazaar, if you’re familiar with their summer food festivals you will know this is one weekend plan worth leaving your apartment for!

There will be over 15 trucks in attendance. Below are some of just the few we are highlighting for our residents to get a sneak peak!

Gorilla Cheese NYC: Known for their fried cheese expertise tis local food truck fries p almost anything and stuffs it with cheese! Cheese bites, grilled cheese, cheese fries– you name it!

Cupcake Carnival: Your sweet tooth craving won’t remain a craving for long! Cupcake Carnivale. They create award winning favorite sweets like red velvet, smores, hazelnut and strawberry champagne.

The Guac Spot: This family owned truck based out of Jersey travels all around to serve one of the most trendy food items on the market– avocados! They are experts at turning these vegetables into fresh made guacamole with ingredients of your choice!

The best part is that all profits from the event will go towards helping one of the public schools in the area. You can make a donation at the event or in advance online!


NYC Food Truck Fest

100 West 77th Street

New York, NY 10024

Macy’s Annual Flower Show Is Back

Back by popular demand and without hesitation, Macy’s Annual Flower Show is making its spring debut this month and will remain open through April.  Whether you are looking to celebrate the new spring season, or with the crazy NY weather hoping to bring some spring vibes, you can take a quick subway ride downtown from The Sagamore and see this years highly anticipated display!

If you are not familiar with the show, the designers choose a theme to work around for designing the magnificent displays every year. This year is sure to be filled with enchantment as the Once Upon A Springtime theme makes it’s flower show debut.

Join in on the fairytale and take part in one of the many events taking place in coordination with Macy’s flower show. To kick off the event there will be a beer tasting complements of Heartland Brewery in the Men’s section. Join the Paint and Sip night where you can bring home a piece of the limited time fairytale to keep for years right in your Sagamore apartment! Enjoy drinks and treats while creating your own masterpiece of the scene in front of you.

Special features to this years show include The Queens Snow Globe, where you can walk into the life sized attraction and have your photo taken. Dino’s Garden will just be one of the other many displays that feature a dinosaur in an enchanted garden.

The show will start March 25th and mesmerize New York until April 8th. You can visit their website to learn more and even download the shows very own storybook.



Herald Square

151 West 34th Street

New York, NY 10001-2101