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Featured image Everything to Know About NYC’s St. Patty’s Day Parade

Everything to Know About NYC’s St. Patty’s Day Parade


St. Patrick’s Day is here, and the biggest celebration will be taking place right here in NYC! Luckily the day of celebration for Irish heritage falls on a Saturday this year, so everyone has the chance to fill the streets and enjoy NYC’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. Here is everything you need to know if you plan on stopping by.

Time: The parade takes place March 17th and will start at 11am and the festivities will continue until around 5pm. Starting at 44th street, the parade will make its way up to 79th along 5th Avenue.

Performers: The parade will feature The Grand Marshall and several bands and performers that will make their way along the route. This year’s Grand Marshall is Loretta Glucksman who will kick off the parade. Bands that are local from around NY state as well as bands from Ireland will be making their way down to NYC to perform during the parade.  The Mullaghduff Flute & Drum Band and the Killian Band are just two making the trip from Ireland for a special performance at the parade.

Directions: Streets will be closing early so make sure to arrive well before the start! You can make your way across Central Park if you are coming straight from The Sagamore and looking to catch the end of the parade. To watch the beginning, cross over to the east side and take the 4/5/6 downtown to 42nd Street.

Not able to catch the parade in person this year? You can watch from the comfort of your Sagamore apartment by tuning in to NBC!