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Featured image Earth Day Events Around NYC

Earth Day Events Around NYC


Earth Day is April 22nd and there is no better way to celebrate then showing your appreciation for Mother Earth! Whether it’s taking the small steps and remembering to recycle that day or changing the products you use, every little step can help the environment. There are plenty of events and informationals taking place all around the city as well that our Sagamore residents can take part in. Here are just a few if you are interested in participating and learning more about the importance of Earth Day.


Earth Day Initiative: Union Square is hosting their Outdoor NYC event in honor of Earth Day. There will be several booths set up from businesses and nonprofits with information so you can learn more about helping the environment. If you bring your utility bill as well and switch to clean and friendly energy, you can get a voucher for a discount on your next bill.


Earth Day 5K: Help the environment but putting your energy into a 5K walk in honor of Earth Day. This tour is also hosted by the Earth Day Initiative and takes place on April 20th. These walks makes several stops along the 3.1 mile route including visiting businesses that are working towards going green and seeing some of the great things around NYC like the living green wall. Other stops include viewing a solar energy tutorial and planting activity.


Camp Arlo: In honor of Earth Day, the Arlo Hotel is hosting a free festival for NYC the weekend of Earth Day. Activities will take place throughout the day that are environmentally friendly or teach participants how to be more eco conscious in their everyday lives. There will be live music throughout the day and some events include learning about local shops that support the environment, craft stations, eco friendly wellness activities and more! You can learn more by visiting their website.


Earth Day Initiative

Union Square West

New York, NY, 10003


Arlo Hotel

231 Hudson St

New York 10013