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Featured image Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Sagamore Apartment

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Sagamore Apartment


Spring may be taking its sweet time returning, but that doesn’t mean you need to delay any annual spring cleaning in your Sagamore apartment! Here are some tips for making your apartment feel refreshing and new for the warmer weather.

Declutter: With all the great shops and holiday sales around the Upper West Side and NYC, it’s easy throughout the year to build up your closest with more stuff in just a year. Start by going through each closet and follow by making your way through each room.  Get rid of the items you no longer need and create a pile of those items you don’t really need but are having a tough time parting with. Revisit in a day or a few weeks and if you still haven’t found yourself putting them to use, make the more and donate them instead of throwing away. You can donate any old clothes or home essentials to Housing Works and Goodwill, both located here on the Upper West Side.

Cleaning Supplies: Make sure to stock up on all cleaning essentials! Helpful tools include a vacuum, Mop, plenty of counter spray, and more! You can stop by Basics Plus Hardware and grab all cleaning supplies including reusable cloths, so you don’t have to go through rolls of paper towels.

Scrubbing and Dusting: Cleaning the small nooks and crannies is never fun but essential to get that sparkle and a super clean apartment. Making sure the windows, corners of the door frames, blinds, counters and all the little spots you may not think of will help make your Mariner apartment sparkling clean this spring. Go through each room and move around furniture and anything on a counter top so you tackle every spot. You’ll thank yourself once it’s complete!


Housing Works

2569 Broadway

New York, NY 10025



217 West 79th Street

New York, NY 10024


Basics Plus

2315 Broadway

New York, NY 10024