Rooftop Bars Around NYC for Summer

Summertime is a wonderful time and it’s a great feeling to be outside in the sun enjoying a drink with some friends or family. If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy a drink after a long day and still enjoy the summer air, a rooftop bar is the perfect place to be! There are several around NYC our Sagamore residents can visit this summer. Here are just a few suggestions for places close by to the Upper West Side!


Empire Lounge: Twelve floors above street level, The Empire Hotel here on the Upper West Side has a rooftop lounge that sits 12 floors above street level and will leave you captivated with the magnificent views of NYC and close by Lincoln Center. With both an indoor and outdoor section, the open outdoor deck will have you surrounded by comfortable lounge chairs and greenery walls for group privacy. If you pick a day where the weather isn’t so great to visit, not a problem! Their convertible glass roof will take care of that so you can still enjoy being high above NYC.


Above 6: This cocktail lounge is located on top of the 6 Columbus Hotel, just minutes away for our Sagamore residents. The outdoor lounge is causal environment with the decor filled with cozy lounge chairs, wooden tables accompanies by lanterns, rugs and pillows. If you venture to the side of the bar where twinkle lights surround you, you can catch views of Central Park, Columbus Circle and many other spots around NYC!


The Roof: Overlooking Central Park, this rooftop lounge offers arguably one of the most breathtaking views in NYC. The vibe is a very cozy setting with the bar, chairs and even your surroundings all made from wood and brass. They serve both a dining menu and their specialty cocktails for those choosing to visit.


Empire Lounge

44 W 63rd St,

New York, NY 10023


Above 6

308 W 58th St

New York, NY 10019


The Roof

124 W 57th St

New York, NY 10019


Grab the Best Frozen Summer Treats Around the Upper West Side

On a hot summer day the best refresher is something cold and savory that can help cool you down. There are several local frozen yogurt and ice cream shops that are close by to the Sagamore and the perfect treat on one of these hot summer days! Here are some places our residents will love and are well worth the visit.


Tasti D Lite: This local shop is just five blocks away from The Sagamore! They have been open for over 20 years serving the Upper West Side plenty of refreshing treats that are perfect to pick up on a hot summer day. Their specialty is the wide variety of both ice cream and frozen yogurt flavors that they can serve to their customers. With over 100 to offer, you will never step in and struggle to find a flavor to enjoy. You can learn more about their treats and store on their website.


Amorino: This local Gelato shops serves some of the richest treats you will find on the Upper West Side! They are just a ten-minute walk away and serve over 25 different flavors of Italian gelato ice cream. Their menu also includes milkshakes, granita and their specialty frozen sorbet drinks. You can find other treats and drinks on their menu as well, so make sure to stop by!


Emack & Bolio’s: Our Sagamore residents are just minutes away from some of the best ice cream in NYC! This local store serves a wide variety of treats that are perfect to cool down with on any sweltering hot day. They offer both homemade ice cream and frozen yogurt, milkshakes and their specialty ice cream pizzas! Their pizzas are made with a brownie crust, vanilla bean ice cream, and their famous hot fudge and marsh ‘mellow.’ They have over 30 ice cream flavors on the menu, 6 different frozen yogurt options and 3 sorbets you can choose from.


Tasti D Lite

523 Amsterdam Ave

New York,  NY, 10024



414 Amsterdam Ave

New York, NY 10024


Emack & Bolio’s

389 Amsterdam Ave

New York, NY 10024