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Featured image New Restaurants Around the Upper West Side

New Restaurants Around the Upper West Side


There are new fun businesses coming to the Upper West side that our Sagamore residents can check out this summer! Blusestone Lane and Clinton Hall are making their way to the neighborhood opening their doors within the next few weeks. Here is everything you need to know before stopping by these new spots.


Bluestone Lane: This local coffee store has several locations already open and is choosing the Upper West Side for it’s next home! They will be opening at Amsterdam and 80th, just a few blocks downtown from The Sagamore! This Australian inspired shop serves both breakfast and lunch options and of course great coffee. Some of the options you’ll find on their menu include Avocado Toast, Warm Coconut Quinoa and Oats and more. They serve several different kinds of coffee and organic tea if you don’t have the taste for coffee. Each location is uniquely designed, so the Upper West Side will have to wait until the official opening to get a glimpse! They will be opening the first week of July so make sure to stop in if you’re walking by on your way back from The Sagamore!


Clinton Hall: Clinton Hall will be taking over what is currently known as West End Hall a few blocks uptown from the Sagamore. Located at 106th and Broadway, they are just a quick subway stop or walk away for our residents. The new Beer Hall has locations already established around NYC, so this location is sure to be just as big of a hit. With an interior courtyard and over 20 different craft beer options, this beer hall is great to stop by after work or on the weekends. They are expected to open within the next few weeks, so check out their website for more updates!


Bluestone Lane

415 Amsterdam Avenue

New York, NY 10024


Clinton Hall

2756 Broadway

New York, NY 10025