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Featured image Take a Sip of These Distilleries Near Your Sagamore Apartment

Take a Sip of These Distilleries Near Your Sagamore Apartment


These days, tons of people love cruising local wineries and taking tours of local breweries, where they can then purchase locally-made goods to take home. However, have you checked out a local distillery yet?

If you’re looking for locally made vodka, rum, gin and other liquors to add to your Sagamore bar area, then check out these distilleries for a fun day out. Make sure you don’t leave empty handed – these products are nothing like you’ll find in the local grocery store!

Our/New York Vodka, located at 151 W 26th St, New York which is about 15 minutes from your Sagamore apartment, is a small-batch, locally run vodka distillery which conducts distillery tours every Wednesday through Saturday.

The vodka from this distillery is partly distilled, blended and hand bottled in micro distilleries around the world, currently in Berlin, Detroit, Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles, New York and soon in Miami. Each city has the same global recipe, but the use of ingredients sourced as locally as possible gives each vodka a subtle unique flavor.

Port Morris Distillery, located at 780 E 133rd St, Bronx which is about 20 minutes from your Sagamore apartment, is a modern distillery that offers tastes of pitorro, a Puerto Rican liquor, with tours and a hip bar space.

Pitorro, the moonshine of Puerto Rico, has been produced since the 1600’s as its primary ingredient was sugar cane, a main product grown in Puerto Rico at the time. Although considered a rum, it is much stronger than a commercial rum surpassing the common alcohol of 80 or 90 proof. This is the best place to try it in the city!


Our/New York Vodka

151 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001

(646) 753-5556


Port Morris Distillery

 780 E 133rd St, Bronx, NY 10454

(718) 585-3192