These Local Halloween Attractions Will Have You In For a Scare


Yes, Halloween is a fun time of year thanks to candy, costumes, pumpkins and more. However, for those who love a bit of horror, it’s also the time when our favorite local Halloween attractions are in full effect and ready to have you hiding under the covers.

If you love to get scared, then there’s no better place to walk through a haunted house than in NYC, where only the best and scariest can make the cut. Bring the whole gang and head to these Halloween attractions near the Upper West Side this weekend!

Bane Haunted House, located at 618 W 46th St, New York which is a 15 minute drive from your Sagamore apartment, was an extremely popular NJ haunted house which is making its debut in NYC for the first time this October.

Bane play on every one of your fears – claustrophobia, separation anxiety, clowns and more. Get ready for the scare of your life! Visitors may have to climb up, jump over, crawl through, and spin around what lurks inside the haunted house for a spine-chilling, interactive experience.

Blood Manor, located at 359 Broadway, Broadway, New York which is a 20 minute drive from your Sagamore apartment, is comprised of approximately 5,000 square feet of themed rooms, corridors, and a labyrinth of passageways designed to maximize one’s fears.

If you’re really looking for a good scare, then head to Blood Manor during one of their Lights Out Nights, when visitors can journey through the attraction with just one glow stick per group and minimal lighting as the creatures of the night lurk in the darkness.

Bane Haunted House

618 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036

(212) 707-8530

Blood Manor

359 Broadway, Broadway, New York, NY 10013

(212) 290-2825