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Featured image Visit These Nearby Spas To Unwind This January

Visit These Nearby Spas To Unwind This January


After a busy holiday season, there’s no better way to get refreshed for 2020 than to visit one of the many spas located on the Upper West Side. Plus, our local spas offer just about every service you can imagine, including massages, nail care, facials and more.

If the end of the holiday season has left you feeling seriously exhausted, then these spas will be just what the doctor ordered thanks to their beautiful décor, relaxing ambiance and experienced professionals. You’ll be ready to take on your New Year’s resolutions after a visit to one of these businesses!

Upper West Spa, located at 187 Amsterdam Ave, New York which is eight minutes from your Sagamore apartment, performs a variety of services including facials, massage, laser hair removal and even medical aesthetic procedures performed by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Tae Kim.

At Upper West Spa, you will be in the hands of true professionals. Their master providers are fully licensed and extensively trained in the newest techniques and most cutting edge technologies, ensuring a highly personalized and satisfying experience for all of their customers.

Radiance Spa, located at 269 W 72nd St #1B, New York which is eight minutes from your Sagamore apartment, offers a variety of services for all people of all ages including body massages, waxing, anti-aging treatments, permanent hair removal and more.

At Radiance Spa, they are committed to providing a cozy atmosphere with soft lighting and soothing music to make your experience serene and tranquil. They are an oasis that offers rest, relaxation and beauty.

Upper West Spa

187 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10023

(212) 787-1696

Radiance Spa

269 W 72nd St #1B, New York, NY 10023

(212) 595-0738