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Featured image Check Out These Farmers’ Markets Near Your Sagamore Apartment

Check Out These Farmers’ Markets Near Your Sagamore Apartment


During this time, some of us are more concerned with our health now more than ever. On the Upper West Side, we’re lucky that it’s very easy to stay healthy – near our Sagamore apartments, there are tons of farmers’ markets where you can get fresh, local produce, bread, meats and other goods.

Despite the pandemic, many of these farmers’ markets are still in operation, serving the community by providing fare that’s unique to our region. If your fridge is looking a little bare but you know what can be found at the supermarket just won’t cut it, check out these nearby farmers’ markets.

Tucker Square Greenmarket, located at W 66th St &, Broadway, New York which is a 10 minute drive from your Sagamore apartment, offers locally grown produce just across the street from Lincoln Center. 

Seasonal vegetables range from fresh staples like corn and greens to delicacies like squash blossoms and fairtytale eggplant. Orchards boast sweet berries, stone fruit and over 80 varieties of apples. Plus, you’ll love their impeccable farmstead cheeses, fresh seafood, grass fed beef, duck and duck charcuterie, eggs and artisanal baked goods.

77th/79th Street Greenmarket, located at Columbus Avenue &, W 77th St, New York which is five minutes from your Sagamore apartment, is a year-round market which stretches from 78th St. to 81st Streets each Sunday.

Shoppers will find grass fed beef, New York’s freshest fish, duck, chicken, ostrich, goat cheese, fresh flowers, eggs, honey, baked goods, apple cider and a large variety of fruit and vegetables. Look for foraged greens like ramps in the spring, and an abundance of corn and berries come summer. 

Tucker Square Greenmarket

W 66th St &, Broadway, New York, NY 10023

(212) 788-7900

77th/79th Street Greenmarket

Columbus Avenue &, W 77th St, New York, NY 10024

(212) 788-7900