National Kitten Day is July 10! Here’s Where To Get a Furry Friend

July 8, 2021 | Uncategorized
National Kitten Day is July 10! Here’s Where To Get a Furry Friend

Especially if you’re working from home at your Sagamore apartment, there’s nothing like a furry friend to keep you company – especially if it’s one that doesn’t require walks or midnight cries to be let outside! That’s where cats come in, which can be your pet and pal without too much work.

On National Kitten Day on July 10, finally get that kitten you’ve been thinking about by first heading to one of these local animal shelters. Choose either a laid-back cat, a playful cat or a loving cat to fit your lifestyle.

Neighborhood Cats Inc., located at 2472 Broadway #321, New York which is a four minute walk from your Sagamore apartment, is out there every day trapping, helping caretakers, working with animal shelters, teaching workshops and launching new programs. 

At Neighborhood Cats, all of their knowledge comes from the cats themselves. The many thousands of cats they’ve personally worked with have taught them how best to help them and support the people who care for them. The communities they work in were once all rough places for cats with high euthanasia rates at local shelters. Today, those areas boast high save rates instead. 

Frankie’s Feline Fund, locates at 67 W 73rd St #6, New York which is six minutes from your Sagamore apartment, promotes the welfare of abandoned elderly and special needs cats by finding homes either through adoption or their senior to senior foster program.

In 2005 Bunny Hofberg became a volunteer at the ASPCA specializing in cat socialization and adoption. After rescuing two cats from an Upper East Side apartment, the calls kept coming and Frankie’s Feline Fund was founded.

Neighborhood Cats Inc.

2472 Broadway #321, NY 10025

(212) 662-5761

Frankie’s Feline Fund

167 W 73rd St #6, New York, NY 10023

(917) 514-0228