Get Fit in 2024: Find Your Favorite Gym Near The Sagamore on the UWS

December 27, 2023 | Neighborhood
Get Fit in 2024: Find Your Favorite Gym Near The Sagamore on the UWS

Ready to get fit or stay fit in 2024? Whether you’re using our 24-hour fitness center or one of the renowned gym communities on the Upper West Side, there’s a perfect place for you to reach your goals near The Sagamore.

The Sagamore Fitness Center

Featuring state-of-the-art cardio and strength training equipment, our fitness center at The Sagamore is the perfect place for anyone who wants to work out without having to leave home. Open 24-hours, it’s also a great alternative to larger gyms in the city if you want a more private space to train. Learn more about our amenities at The Sagamore.

X 93 Fitness

Address: 673 Amsterdam Ave., Upper West Side, New York

Just a stone’s throw from The Sagamore, X 93 Fitness stands out with its community-centric approach and diverse class offerings. This gym is known for its innovative group classes including HIIT, yoga, and strength training, all set in a dynamic and supportive environment. Expert coaches are on hand to guide members, and the facility boasts modern equipment, ensuring a comprehensive and enjoyable workout experience for those seeking a community vibe in their fitness journey. Learn more about X93 Fitness on the Upper West Side.

Grassroots Fitness Project

Address: 371 Amsterdam Ave., Upper West Side, New York

Grassroots Fitness Project, renowned for its holistic health approach, offers a range of services from personal training to wellness workshops. This gym is more than a fitness center; it’s a community hub promoting overall well-being. They cater to all ages and fitness levels, including unique programs like youth fitness. The warm, inclusive atmosphere makes it a favorite for those seeking a holistic and community-focused approach to health and fitness. Learn more about Grassroots Fitness Project on the Upper West Side.