NYC Cider Festival Is Here

Some of the best aromas of fall include the smell of freshly turned leaves, cool crisp, apple spice and of course cider! Now that it is starting to feel a little more like fall it’s time to retire the summer ales and dive into apple cider season. NYC will be hosting Cider Week taking place from October 20-29th. If you are looking for a fun fall activity this month, make sure to take part in this fun event!


About: Cider week focuses on increasing the presence of craft ciders in several local bars and restaurants all around NYC! For the 7th year in a row, local businesses will come together in celebration of one of the best fall flavors and drinks! There will also be tastings throughout the week at several locations and classes to learn more about how cider is made.


Breweries: Over 30 Cider breweries are participating in this event, all expect for a select special exceptions located right here in New York! Participants include Angry Orchard, Brooklyn Cider House, Big Apple Cider, Graft Cider, Original Sin, Rootstock Ciderworks and many, many more!


Events: Take a trip to Brooklyn for the opening of the Bad Seed Cider Tap Room, or stay a little more local by taking the downtown subway to Union Square  for free tastings from several NY Cider breweries! You can check out the event Happenings page for all tastings and special events that will take place throughout the week.


Location: You can find cider featured from all participating breweries around NYC! Right here on the Upper West Side you can visit Broadway Dive located a few blocks uptown from The Sagamore which will feature special cider selections throughout Cider Week. Find the full list of participating locations here.


Learn more about this weeklong event and everything you could need to know on the NYC Cider Week website!


Festive Cider Recipes To Cozy Up to in Your Sagamore Apartment

The holiday season is in full swing and one of the festive tastes that come along with it is the warm rich, sweet smell of apple cider. Whether you enjoy a old fashioned apple cider drink or like mixing it into fun recipes such as cake and donuts, there are endless options for you to create and enjoy this holiday flavor this season! Here are a few recipes that use apple cider in both food and drinks for our Sagamore residents.

Hot Spiced Cider: You can never go wrong with a hot cider to curl up with on a cold winter night. This recipe is as easy as it comes with just three ingredients and just 15 minutes of waiting! Take six cups of cider and add cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon sticks to make for the perfect nighttime beverage. If you are wondering where you can grab these ingredients try the Grand Bazaar market which is open every Sunday on the Upper West Side! If you are looking to add a twist to an apple cider drink, try this recipe which includes rum and a few extra ingredients for that extra flavor!

Apple Cider Glaze: If you are looking to bring cider to the dinner table, this apple cider glaze goes great on chicken, fish and several pork dishes! Here is a recipe for Apple Cider Glazed Pork Chops that are sure to be at hit at the dinner table! The glaze also makes a great topping to any salmon dish. Here you can find an Apple Cider Glaze for Salmon with a rich and thick coating that brings out the best of the salmon flavor.

Apple Cider Doughnuts: While these bakery treats are time consuming, they are a traditional fall favorite and well worth the wait! These donuts are best homemade and you can make them right in your Sagamore kitchen! The Food Network recommends following their recipe for the best donuts.

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