Where to Take Your Dog Near Your Sagamore Apartment  

Your Sagamore apartment may be roomy, however, our four-legged friends often need somewhere to go to stretch their legs, chase some fellow canines and roll around in the sunshine.

Fortunately, there are tons of dog parks near The Sagamore on the Upper West Side, which is known as an ideal neighborhood to own a dog due to its location between two parks.

Morningside Park Dog Run, located between 114th and 117th streets in Central Park, is a shady space – perfect for the summertime –with two separate play areas for man’s best friend. With plenty of benches for owners to relax as well as small dishes of water set out for dogs, it’s a great spot for those with pets.

72nd Street & Riverside Drive Dog Run is a relatively new dog park to the area that has become pretty popular for a few reasons, one of them being that the park has views of the Hudson River and lush landscaped areas surrounding it. Created and operated by FLORAL, Friends & Lovers Of Riverside Area Life, it is a pebbled run that has large old trees in the middle as well as benches.

105th Street Dog Run, located at Riverside Park at 105th Street, is a spacious dog run lined with small gray pebbles that attracts tons of dogs, sometimes up to 35 at a time. A popular spot for dog walkers, the 105th Street Dog Run caters to many different breeds at once.