Best Cocktails to Make for a Halloween Party


We all know NYC Cocktail prices can easily put you over your weekly budget, but many are really easy to make at home! Whether you are hosting your own event, heading to a friends or looking to celebrate Halloween on your own this year, there are plenty of great cocktails you can make yourself to get into the holiday spirit! Here are a number of recipes you can try out for Halloween night or any Horror movie binge that are easy to make right in your Sagamore apartment!


Mulled Apple Cider: This recipe is as simple as it gets with combining cider, cinnamon sticks, lemon, orange peel, berries, coves and rum!  Heat all ingredients except the rum in a large saucepan until it starts to boil. For super strong flavor cook on low in a large pit and let simmer until ready. Remove from stove and add in rum for this warm cocktail perfect for a cook fall October night!


Pomegranate Poison Spritz: A great drink to serve to Halloween guests this spritzer may even bring out a scream! The cocktail is easy enough to accommodate to most tastes and simple to make! Just add vodka, seltzer and Pomegranate juice. Take plastic spiders and freeze them the night before in ice cube trays with water. Substitute the pomegranate for almost any fruit juice flavor of your choice! Serve in your spooky mixture for the perfect themed drink!


Blood Orange Sangria: Grab some oranges, strawberries and raspberries for the fruits of this Halloween sangria! Take two and combine with sugar and juice and smash the others into small bits. Combine wine, brandy, oranges, club soda and stir, and top each glass off with a fruit piece!