Get in Shape for 2019 At These Upper West Side Gyms

OK, so you’ve decided to get in shape for your New Year’s resolution. But where do you begin? Our private fitness center is always available for our residents’ needs, but we know staying in the same building can give you a little cabin fever this time of year. Luckily here on the Upper West Side, we have tons of gym options which will make losing a few pounds a breeze.

If you’re ready to commit to fitness in 2019, then check out these local gyms that are near our Sagamore apartments. These gyms will make working out more fun than you ever expected it to be!

Grassroots Fitness Project, located at 371 Amsterdam Ave, New York which is a seven minute drive from your Sagamore apartment, is a membership-only program with personalized programs and group interval training, yoga and rock climbing.

When boutique fitness was not even a word, founders Heather and Wil had an idea. That idea is now an 11-year-old thriving fitness business. Knowing what people need and want is their expertise and creating a community that supports success is what they do best!

X 93 Fitness, located at 673 Amsterdam Ave, New York which is three blocks from your Sagamore apartment, is dedicated to the transformation of one’s mind, body and soul through health and fitness. At X93 Fitness, they realize there are no quick fixes!

If you have tried to feel younger, look better and enjoy life more, yet struggled, X93 Fitness is your best option for getting you back on track to a healthier lifestyle and achieving your fitness goals, since their workout programs are customized for each individual client.


Grassroots Fitness Project

371 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024

(646) 415-3972


X 93 Fitness

673 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025

(212) 280-0689

Jump Into Spring Fitness Season At The Sagamore

After the cold and chilly months of winter it’s hard to get motivated and kick back into spring fitness mode. The warm weather makes it easier to step outside for a nice run or stroll around the Upper West Side. If running around the streets of NYC isn’t for you but you are still looking for motivation this spring to get your fitness on, here are some exercise tips for our Sagamore residents.

Sagamore Fitness Center: If running miles upon miles is boring and unfulfilling, our Sagamore residents have access to several fitness machines, without having to leave the building! The Sagamore features several different cardio machines, bench presses, heavy weights, light dumbbells and much more! There are bosu balls and areas for stretching for a more relaxing exercise routine and core strengthening machines. Take a walk from your Sagamore apartment to the fitness center and see what it is all about! By making the time for a 30 minute workout a few days a week it will help get your spring fitness schedule back in full swing!

Neighborhood Gym: If you prefer to hit the gym before being back in the comfort of your Sagamore apartment, there are several facilities close by that you can join for a monthly fee. Some local gyms include Equinox, Soulcycle, and X93 Fitness.

Exercises for Your Living Room: If you are looking to get some reps in while watching TV  to help start of your spring fitness routine, there are plenty of exercise and workout routines you can do without leaving your Sagamore apartment! Take a break during commercials and in between episodes by focusing on the part of your body you want to workout that day. By doing planks and sit ups to strengthen your core, using dumbbells to get your biceps and triceps working, or lunges and squats for your legs, you can accomplish a lot on your own without any equipment! Here are a few articles with some workout moves that you can do while cooking, in between chapters of a book or in the morning to jumpstart your busy day in NYC!

6 Effective Exercises For Your Apartment

Cardio and Strength Training For Small Apartments

The Ultimate Home Workout




2465 Broadway

(212) 799-1818



2465 Broadway

(212) 579-7685


X93 Fitness

673 Amsterdam Ave

(212) 280-0689