NYC Summer Flea Markets

If you want to adventure beyond the Upper West Side this month, there are excellent flea markets in Queens that our Sagamore residents can visit. Get a day full of great food and antiques, or use it as an excuse to be outside on a beautiful summer day! Here are three that are quick and easy subway rides from The Sagamore.

Long Island City Flea and Food: The Long Island City Flea and Food event will be taking place every Saturday and Sunday for the months of July and August. Every weekend in July, there will be a special theme in regards to the vendors and food being served. The first weekend starts off with different Pork dishes from all around the globe as week as noodles and sandwiches. There is also a weekend full of sweets, and the last weekend will be designated as the Beer Festival. To learn more about these special days check out their website. You can also learn more including how to get there, when the market is open,. And information about musical entertainment.

Queens Night Market: Corona Park will be hosting a night market every Saturday night for the remainder of the summer.. From 6pm until midnight, come taste some of the best local food in Queens and shop from local vendors.

Astoria Night Market: Another nighttime Flea market will be taking place a little closer to The Sagamore in Astoria Queens. This market will be held every Saturday in July from 7pm until midnight. Over 80 vendors will come together for this market which will be held at Kaufman Studios. For more information check out this article highlighting the event and to learn more details.