Urban Greenery at The Sagamore

The Sagamore is fortunate in its proximity to NYC’s best parks (Central Park and Riverside Park) as well as the West Side Community Garden. With the leaves already changed colors, and cooler weather on its way, there is still time to appreciate Mother Nature’s beauty – with The Weekend of 10,000+ Tulips, on Saturday & Sunday November 14th & 15th.

This flowery weekend will be the West Side Community Garden’s 25th Annual Tulip Planting Festival. Everyone is welcome – trowels and gloves will be provided. The garden’s planting of tulips has been an ongoing event since 1990. The Tulip show will be amazing with more than 60 varieties of Tulips going into the ground to create one of the best Tulip Shows in New York City.

For those of you who’d rather enjoy the greenery from home, you can always try out your gardening skills in your Sagamore apartment. City apartment living may be convenient, but it doesn’t always lend itself to having a green thumb. Even if you have no experience with growing plants, an herb garden is the perfect way to bring a bit of Mother Nature into your apartment and onto your kitchen table. Not only more affordable, growing your own herbs is also more convenient when your recipes call for them.

Oregano, chives, mint, and thyme are commonly grown indoors, so pick a few of your favorites to begin. If you like to cook, you’ll love having fresh herbs right at your fingertips—just snip and sprinkle them on top your favorite fall recipes. Just pick the sunniest window in your Sagamore apartment and you’re ready to start planting!