Holiday Travel Tips for Sagamore Residents

With Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s all within a week, the end of the month becomes one of the busiest traveling times of the entire year! If you are like many who will be leaving the city for all or most of the holiday season, we have some tips for our Sagamore residents to make the holiday traveling experience more enjoyable!

Condense Packing! If you are traveling with anyone, being able to pack everything in carry on luggage and sharing suitcases is a great time saver. You’re able to avoid those long luggage lines at JFK or LaGuardia and save a little monkey too! It will also make leaving your Sagamore apartment a much smoother ordeal.

Take Advantage of Shipping Deals! Helping with the light packing, not having holiday gifts to drag along with your personal belongings will make holiday traveling much easier! Many online deals leading up to the holidays offer free shipping. Keep an eye out for these deals, and have gifts ship to your ending destination instead of your Sagamore apartment so you can easily wrap them when you arrive!

Don’t Forget to Eat! Getting ready to leave for a trip whether you are flying or hitting the road, it can be easy to get wrapped in the chaos and forget to eat before you go. Making sure your body is fueled and that you don’t skip meals will help make sure your body isn’t stressed, and therefore you’re not stressed!

Stay Hydrated! Water, water, water! Make sure to keep up with fluids throughout traveling so you don’t become dehydrated.

Have a Plan B! Not everything goes perfect when it comes to traveling, especially during the holidays. If you are making your way by car, plan out alternative routes from The Sagamore to your final destination in case there is heavy traffic or a bad accident on your planned route. Having a backup plan for flying is also key! Sometimes snow and other factors cause delays that cause stress. Leaving extra time in between connecting flights and planning for the unexpected can help ease the process in case you run into trouble!

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