Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes For Your Sagamore Kitchen

Whether you hosted Thanksgiving dinner at your Sagamore apartment or got thrown bag full of Tupperware filled with turkey, Thanksgiving dinner leftovers can be both a blessing and a curse. If you have enough food for days and don’t want to rely on repeating Thanksgiving dinner over and over, here are some recipes you can whip up with all that leftover food!


Next-Day Turkey Soup with Mashed Potato Polpetti: This recipe from the Food Network will use the bulk of all your Thanksgiving leftovers! Add in all that holiday turkey and combine with chicken broth, leftover carrots, onion, garlic, 3 cups of leftover veggies of your choice and Mashed Potato Polpetti. The soup will take a bout 3 hours between the prep and stove cooking time.


Stuffing Stuffed Mushrooms: Adding a twist to traditional stuffed mushrooms, you can use up your Thanksgiving leftovers while still creating a delicious and savory new meal! It’s easy to make with the recipe calling for combining leftover stuffing with parmesan cheese, oil parsley and garlic. Mix all and stuff in each mushroom and follow with baking in the oven for about 30 minutes!


Slow Cooker Turkey Pumpkin Chili: This Thanksgiving leftover recipe will use up all that leftover turkey as well as many ingredients you may have in your kitchen from holiday cooking! Combining spices such as cinnamon, cumin, cayenne pepper, and garlic, combine those with pumpkin puree and turkey for a cozy night in soup. You can see the step-by-step instructions on Country Living’s website.


Sweet Potato Cranberry Donuts: This tasty treat is the perfect dessert combing your holiday leftovers while making something new! Take leftover sweet potatoes and cranberries along with the other ingredients this recipe from Taste of Home calls for. Step by step instructions for how to get these perfect flaky and doughy donuts can be found on their website.


Turn Your St. Patrick’s Day Leftovers Into a Delicious Meal

Whether you made a homemade meal on your own or visited friends, if you celebrated St. Patrick’s Day one of the most memorable parts is all of the delicious food! From Irish Soda Bread to corned beef, if you had a big meal and have plenty of leftovers, there are many things you can do to spice the recipes up and make them different from the original meal! Here are some tips for our Sagamore residents on what you can do with all of those St. Patrick’s Day leftovers!

Corned Beef Hash: Wake up to a delicious meal with only having to do half the work! Take leftover corned beef and add it to a frying pan with some oil to heat it up. Stir in onion, potatoes and peppers while keeping the steady stir to create the texture of the hash. Fry eggs in a different pan to top of this delicious breakfast! See the full recipe for all ingredients and steps for this leftover dish.

Corned Beef Hash


Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Give a traditional grilled cheese sandwich a twist by adding in some leftover ingredients from your St. Patrick’s Day meal! Heat up onions in a pan with oil and add some Guinness for an that extra juicy flavor! You can also mix in worchestire sauce and mustard if you want. Once the opinions are done add the bread to the frying pan with cheese, corned beef and onions–adding as many layers as you want before topping off with another slice of bread. Tis quick and easy recipe is a great use so that extra corned beef doesn’t go to waste!

Corned Beef Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Shepard’s Pie: Take advantage of leftover potatoes, cabbage and corned beef by whipping them up together–with more ingredients of course–into a homemade shepherd’s pie! This recipe calls for some spicy brown mustard, beef broth, peppers carrots and onions. It takes just over an hour to cook and about 20 minutes to prep so make sure to plan ahead! You can see all the steps for this recipe but checking out the page.

Corned Beef Shepherd’s Pie