Macy’s Spring Flower Show in NYC

Spring is finally here and all the flowers around New York City are finally starting to take bloom. If you love to see the vast array of colors and arrangements that can be made with these beautiful spring flowers, we have the perfect spring event for you! Macy’s is hosting their annual flower show at their location in Herald Square. Just a short subway ride from the Upper West Side, The Sagamore residents can enjoy this wonderful event until April 3rd.

Each year the show is based off an all around theme with the 2016 show being declared “ America the beautiful”. The show presents displays throughout the first floor of Macy’s and aims at showing appreciation to the different  landscapes of the United States. Visitors can gawk at the beautiful displays representing a different area of the country and the type of flowers that can be found there.

The Enchanting Southeast (cordyline, orchids and palm),  The Majestic Rockies (birch, ferns and pine), The Midwest Fruited Plains (grass, azaleas and daffodil), The Pacific Northwest Wonderland (ferns, rhododendron, and begonias), The Vast Southwest (agave, yucca, cacti, and succulents) and The Shining Northeast Shores (hydrangea, tulips, and rhododendron) are the main categories you will find this year.

Perhaps one of the most extravagant flower displays is the All American Centerpiece for the show. Tying in perfectly with the theme, the centerpiece is a replica of the Statue of Liberty.  While many different garden herbs and plants are used to create this beautiful center attraction tulips, cherry tree and azalea make up the bulk of Lady Liberty.

In addition to the main displays there is also a Bouquet of the day which changes daily. Visitors will also find smaller themed gardens throughout including nespresso garden, dino discovery garden and tropical oasis garden. You can find more information about the displays, opening hours and other details on their website here.