Hosting an Academy Awards Party at The Sagamore

Award season for movies and television has been going on for weeks, but the biggest award show to celebrate cinema will be taking place Sunday Feb 26th. The Academy Awards will be posted this year by Jimmy Kimmel as some of the most well-known names in entertainment go up against each other. Who says hollywood are the only ones who get to have fun? If you plan on watching the show with friends, add some glitz and glam by throwing an Academy Awards part in your Sagamore apartment. Here great tips for making the night a little more exciting than just sitting on your couch.

Invitation: If you want to go all out send invitations mimicking what you imagine the invite the stars receive looks like! Guests will be excited to attend from the start.

Dress Code: Tell guests to pick their favorite dress from years past and replicate it as best they can. If you don’t want guests to go through that trouble, set a tone and ask that everyone chooses their favorite dress or suit or dresses like the stars if you are looking to host a sophisticated soiree!

Drinks: Have plenty of options for guests to choose from both on the rocks and mixed. Champagne and several liquor options are perfect Oscars drinks. Make a few cocktails before guests arrive so they have some premade options to choose from and aren’t overwhelmed by choices.

Games: If you’re focused on the fashion have some fun with Bingo. Mark off spaces on your board as you see certain details and styles of dresses on the red carpet. You can get a premade printable bingo game here or create your own! Everyone already has their opinions on who will be the big winners for the night. Make it known who you want to win big by having ballots for everyone to fill out pre-show.