Spend A Relaxing Afternoon at the Upper West Side’s New Tea Room

There is another new spot opening on the Upper West Side where local residents can have a new place to visit regularly. Whether you are looking for a relaxing spot during the week after work or a friendly neighborhood shop to stop in on a weekend day, the Tea Room calls for all occasions and will be open 7 days the week for our Sagamore residents to try!

The tea shops has a wide variety of blends and strengths of tea that the owners themselves import to make sure only the best is served to the residents of the Upper West Side! When you walk through the doors you instantly get the sense of peace and tranquility with their light neutral base walls, subtle wall decor and charming music.

As for tea, you bet there is plenty of it! There are over 50 different types of tea that are included on the menu including the favorites! Stop in to ty some of their oolong tea if it’s always interests you but you have never had the chance to try or have  a cup of your favorite green or black tea.

Tea can be purchased by the cup or if you are enjoying a day with a group of friends you can purchase a whole pot! They also offer tastings to guests by appointment only were you can get a feel of the whole menu and learn what your taste for tea is and find your favorite!

This new local shop will be open daily from 11am to 9pm so stop by anytime of the day for so e relaxing tea!


Floating Mountain

239 West 72nd Street, 2F

New York, NY 10023

(646) 852-6555