Flower Festivals Near The Sagamore

One of the best parts of April is the warm weather and seeing all the wonderful colors of nature as flowers start to take bloom around the Upper West Side. In celebration of one of the best parts of spring, The Sagamore residents can join other local New York neighbors by attending the annual Tulip Festival, where there will be over 13,000 tulips bloomed.

This annual event will take place on two weekends this month, April 17th and April 30th for the 42nd consecutive year. The festival will be held at the West Side Community Garden where beds upon beds of beautiful bright and radiant tulips will be bloomed for all to see. There will be live musical entertainment during the festival. Booths will also be set up throughout the park where The Sagamore residents will have the chance to learn more about tulips including making different types of flower arrangements and gardening education.

For more information about this celebratory spring event, visit the website here.

Another flower show will be taking place this month. The Orchid Show: Orchidelirium will be happening uptown at The Botanical Gardens will be showing until April 17th. The annual show for it’s 13th year will be having a theme of chandeliers. Orchids upon orchids of all different varieties including endangered ones will be shown on hanging baskets and in displays throughout columns. The show will also have a master star shaped chandelier centerpiece that will feature hundreds of orchids.
Classes will also be offered and if you visit on the weekends you can enjoy cocktails and music while viewing the magical different orchid displays. For more information you can visit the event website.