Warm Winter Drink Recipes to Mix Up in Your Sagamore Kitchen

Winter is upon us which means many cold nights staying in snuggles up in your Sagamore apartment. If you are looking to spice things up by pairing a warm and cozy winter drink after dinner or just something special to enjoy after a long day, here are some winter drink recipes our Sagamore residents can mix up without having to step foot outdoors into the January cold!


Dirty Snowman: If you are looking to add a little kick to top off a cold January night, this Dirty Snowman recipe from Delish will do the trick! With ingredients that included melted chocolate and chocolate shavings, vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate, whip cream and Bailey’s this drink is great if you are looking to treat yourself. You can find the full recipe on their website!


Coconut Vanilla Steamer: Perfect for snuggling up in your living room with a warm blanket, this drink is made of spiced rum, coconut extract, coconut milk and vanilla bean. Simply add the rum into a mug and mix the other ingredients into a pot. Bring to a simmer and froth the milk for 1 minute to get this tasty treat! You can find details steps on how to make by visiting the recipe page.


Snickerdoodle Hot Chocolate: Not every recipe needs to be spiked to enjoy the warmth and sweetness to warm your taste buds up! If your New Year’s resolution involves reduced alcohol intake and you are sticking to it, try out this hot chocolate recipe that will taste like winter in your mouth. Ingredients include white chocolate, nutmeg, vanilla, and cinnamon.


Looking for even more recipes to try? Check out this article by Town & Country for more winter drink treats to make in your Sagamore apartment!


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