Chinese Cuisine to Celebrate the Lunar New Year

The Chinese New Year is celebrated all through the month of February. You can join in on the excitement of the holiday and celebrate the year of the dog by making a home cooked traditional meal right in your Sagamore apartment! Fill your apartment with the savory aroma of these recipe suggestions for our residents!


Beef and Broccoli: One of the most recognizable Chinese dishes can easily be made right in your Sagamore apartment! Star by making the sauce in a frying pan by heating soy sauce, cornstarch, brown sugar, garlic and ginger. Add broccoli until soft the add beef layer by layer. Top it off with a layer of oyster sauce and serve over rice.

Spring Rolls: These delicious appetizers are easier to make then they seem! Create the marinade by combining sherry, cornstarch, salt and rice vinegar. Sauteed carrots and cabbage while steaming the remaining vegetables/ One you follow to recipe by Genius Kitchen ans have the filling prepared, all a portion to each pre made wrapper and cook until browned on the outside!

Vegetable Fried Rice: This recipe for fried rice can be made in under a half hour! Cook rice on the stove top by following the bag instructions. Heat oil separately on a frying pan and add rice once half cooked. Add vegetables while continuously stirring and adding oil when needed. Toss an egg on top once complete for the finishing touch. You can find all ingredients and steps on the Serious Eats website.


If you don’t feel like making these dishes yourself, check out the below restaurants right here on the Upper West Side where you can find them as well!


Han Dynasty

215 W 85th St

New York, NY 10024


Red Farm

2170 Broadway

New York, NY 10024


Canteen 82

467 Columbus Ave, Ground Floor

New York, NY 10024

Celebrating the Chinese New Year in NYC

While many people rang in 2017 on January 1st, millions of others around the globe will be celebrating a new year on Saturday January 28th. The Chinese New Year will begin that day and continue until February 21st. While celebrations in China and other parts of Asia last for the duration of the holiday with several jobs closing down and people taking the time to be with family, there is plenty of ways to be part of the world wide celebration right here in New York City!

Dancers, dragons, floats and authentic Chinese cuisine will be filling the streets of Manhattan starting on January 28th. The Firecracker Ceremony and Cultural Festival will kick off the holiday celebration, welcoming all to join! Our Sagamore residents can take a quick subway ride downtown to join in on all the fun. The festivities at Sara D. Roosevelt Park will start with the setting off of firecrackers to ward off bad spirits coming into the New Year. Immediately following will be a festival celebrating Chinese culture with traditional dragon dances, yummy food and several other performances and activities. You can find out more about the event here.

Madison Square Park will be hosting their own celebration on the second day of the New Year, January 29th. Be prepared for some amazing dance performances as well as martial art performances, puppet shows and live music. Local shops will also be un on the celebration offering special deals to celebrate the New Year. You can find out more about this event by visiting their website.

The biggest celebration of them all will take place on February 5th! The 18th annual Lunar New Year Parade will make it’s way through the streets of Chinatown. Confetti will dominate the Lower East Side as families come together to celebrate the Year of the Rooster. You can find out more about the day’s activities and performances by looking at the event’s main website.