For a Homegrown Cocktail, Check Out These Distilleries Near Your Sagamore Apartment

During the summertime, there’s nothing like a refreshing cocktail to relax with at your Sagamore apartment. However, here on the Upper West Side, you don’t need to go with run-of-the-mill liquors to enjoy with your cocktail of choice – you can purchase artisan spirits from nearby distilleries.

If you’re ready to mix up your summer drink with some high-quality, homemade liquors, stop by these local distilleries for rum, vodka, gin, whiskey and more that’s made with tender, love and care right here in New York City.  

Our/New York Vodka, located at 151 W 26th St, New York which is 14 minutes from your Sagamore apartment, captures the essence of NYC in every bottle as they distill, blend and hand-bottle all of their products at their micro-distillery.

Every batch is made to the highest standards to create the perfect vodka for drinking either straight or in your favorite cocktail. Our/New York Vodka also utilizes a special natural yeast for their fermentation, delivering a subtle flavor and aroma for an exceptionally clean and smooth finish.

Port Morris Distillery, located at 780 E 133rd St, The Bronx which is 14 minutes from your Sagamore apartment, is a modern distillery offering tastes of Pitorro, a Puerto Rican liquor, with tours and a hip bar space.

Pitorro is a well kept secret on the island of Puerto Rico, only had for special occasions and holidays. Families who craft Pitorro have a unique recipe that has been passed along through generations. Using a family recipe of apples, honey and brown sugar, Port Morris Distillery has created a bold, smooth and tasteful 92 proof spirit. 

Our/New York Vodka

151 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001

(646) 753-5556

Port Morris Distillery

780 E 133rd St, The Bronx, NY 10454

(718) 585-3192

Support These Black-Owned Businesses on the Upper West Side

As protests and social change have made their way across the United States, many of us are trying to find ways we can help our black local black communities.

The best way we can support our black community on the Upper West Side is quite simple – we can support our local black-owned businesses by dining at their restaurants or purchasing goods from their stores. It’s a simple act in which we can make a difference!

Make My Cake, located at 775 Columbus Ave, New York which is a 12 minute walk from your Sagamore apartment, is a well-known outfit with a homestyle, Southern vibe for specialty cakes, cheesecakes, cupcakes and pies.

Evolving from a home-based business over 22 years ago that baked for all occasions, Make My Cake has grown exponentially into a global sensation which draws thousands of worldwide visitors seeking the ultimate red velvet cake and various other heavenly desserts.

Massawa, located at 1239 Amsterdam Ave, New York which is a seven minute drive from your Sagamore apartment, is an East African eatery serving traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean fare scooped by hand with injera bread.

Massawa is a family-owned business founded by Almaz Ghebrezgabher and Amanuel Tekeste. Inspired by her love of cooking and desire to serve authentic East African food to residents of Harlem and the Upper West Side, Almaz, an Eritrean immigrant, opened the restaurant with the support of her family in 1988.

Make My Cake

775 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10025

(212) 280-2253


1239 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10027

(212) 663-0505